"Little Song Blues"

Sing your little song
Sing it right or wrong
Can’t nobody else sing it
but you

You got to sing it by the hour—
even sing it in the shower
Sing away your disappointed tears
Ain’t nobody gonna applaud
Ain’t nobody gonna cheer
That’s why you sing
real loud

‘Cause the song
is in the singing
And the reason’s
in the rhyme
So find your own muse
and sing your little song blues

The last song on the “Play Me” cd is a tribute not only to musicians who rehearse, write songs, and perform—often to little acclaim (or money these days). But the same is true for all of us—we do our “little thing” and sometimes can get down because it seems like we aren’t making a difference or that no one appreciates our contributions. It can get pretty discouraging. So I wrote this song to encourage us all (including me) to keep being ourselves and doing our own little thing. Strangely enough this little song I sing to keep spirits up is the only song I’ve ever written in less than an hour and which never went through any major revisions. I wrote it (humming the tune in my head) with a sandwich in one hand and a pen and paper in the other (though the instrumentation took me a good bit longer). I hope you will find it encouraging when you get down. After all: “the song is in the singing, and the reason’s in the rhyme. So find your own muse, and sing your little song blues.”