Never Enough

They say try and try again. That's the motto I keep in my mind when writing songs. I might not have ever finished this song (Never Enough) if not for encouragement from Nashville singer/songwriter Sally Barris.

I met Sally in 2011 at a guitar and songwriting camp (“Swanannoa” held annually at Warren Wilson College). My guitar teacher, John Tosco, had recommended the camp as well as Sally as a teacher. At the time I was brand new to guitar playing and songwriting, so I was a bit of a mess when I tried to play my song for the class. But Sally was gently supportive and encouraging. She has a way of hearing what a song wants to be despite the flaws of songwriters and performers, and after class she sat down with me and helped me work on my song. (It took me many more months and more than a few nudges from Sally but my song “Never Enough” which I eventually recorded on 2 cds came out of that effort.)

I've been intrigued by how people interpret the song differently; some people feel the frustration of constantly striving but never getting "there," others feel time slipping through their fingers and want to hold on, still others feel that existential emptiness of wanting more from life. All of those interpretations are part of that emotion I wanted to capture.