"Something True"

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Tell me something true—
a promise between me and you:
a lover’s first gaze,
broken-hearted clichés,
long, lonely Valentine days

Won’t you open your heart?
Open your heart
let me in

Tell me something real—
something only you feel:
how your heels clicked the floor
when you walked out that door
a silence that started to roar

But the words fly around
without making a sound
drawing near
with anger and fear
Then dry up in the air
in unspoken despair
like rain that never hits ground (Chorus)

Please tell me tonight
before I give up this fight
Tell me

Chris Rosser plays the piano for this recording on the "Play Me" cd (we played guitars on the version for the "Something True" EP). I have played the piano for much longer than the guitar, so I often hear songs on the piano first and adapt them for the guitar later (one reason why I recorded 5 of my songs in two different ways for "Something True" and "Play Me" cds. My background in music theatre is readily apparent in this version of the song. A fellow musician commented he could see the darkened stage with a soloist singing this song at a heightened moment of tension in a play. And I did get to sing this on a darkened stage (although not in a play...at least not yet...) for over 800 people at the Knight Theatre in Charlotte (you can watch the video along with the song introduction here). It was quite a moment. After watching the video you can scroll down on the same blog post for a description of the writing process.